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Professional Teeth Whitening in Hampshire

Teeth can lose their natural brilliance due to a variety of factors, including external, internal, and inherent issues. At Opulent Smiles, our cutting-edge gels are specially designed to eliminate even the most deeply rooted stains. These gels consist of heat-responsive and light-responsive molecules, which assist the whitening process.

How it Works

Our state-of-the-art teeth whitening technology, in conjunction with the potent BluForsa gels, delivers outstanding results. The light activates the gel's molecules, generating 'free radicals'—unstable atoms that target and break down the protein buildup responsible for tooth stains. This controlled use of free radicals is a key part of our effective teeth whitening process, ensuring your smile regains its natural radiance.

In-Clinic Whitening

At-Home Whitening

Experience immediate and dramatic results with our in-office teeth-whitening sessions, performed by our skilled professionals.

We also offer at-home whitening kits, complete with professional-grade whitening agents, allowing you to brighten your smile at your own pace.

We're dedicated to providing high quality teeth whitening to Fleet, Farnborough, and the county of Hampshire as a whole.
Get in touch to learn more and to secure your whitening session.

Beautiful woman at a spa getting teeth whitening with laser - oral healthcare concepts
How it Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose you to whiten my teeth?

We're brand ambassadors for Naturawhite, the UK’s number one laser teeth whitening specialists. This signals that we only use the highest quality patented technology and have received the highest quality training in cosmetic teeth whitening

Does laser teeth whitening hurt?

With laser teeth whitening, there is no pain during or after the procedure. We use lasers to whiten your teeth, with no heat emitted, and no need to have anaesthetic.

The procedure is completely safe, but we do require our patients to wear our protective red safety goggles to keep your eyes from being exposed to our laser light technology during the procedure.

How many whitening sessions do you recommend?

Most of our clients see a noticable change after just one session, which takes under an hour to complete. The procedures are administered entirely by our clients themselves, but we will guide you along the way and explain everything that's involved in the process of achieving your perfect smile.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're happy to help!

Get in touch today to secure your teeth whitening session.

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